Hi there, i have been working on this project for a few weeks now, and finally is done!
We have been working on 9 Live Streams, from Sculpting, Modeling, UVs/Texturing, Rendering, and i have to say, great experience on The Soldier Project.


I have been working on a basic Workflow to create this project in Blender, Modeling, starting with a simple Base Mesh till the rendering process. For the Sculpting process, first, poly-sculpting, this is a process i used to work with to get the general idea o proportions, anatomy and general shape, no modifiers involve.

Sculpting and retopology process

After the poly-sculpt, Dynamic Topology comes to the game, creating and finding those proportions, anatomy and bones influence on the structure of the character. Dynamic topology is the perfect tool to sketch ideas on your sculpts, usually this process is to find those hidden shapes in the model.
The Retoplogy process comes after the sculpting is done, to create and generate a low resolution model from the Sculpture. In this case, this process helps me to create a better texturing process after getting all the data from the High Resolution Sculpture, the Normal Maps and the Ambient Occlusion.

Texturing, Rendering and Compositing

In this process, a lot is involve, creating the right setup for the node system to generate the right base color, Subsurface Scattering to have a balance in the base color and skin behavior.
The Texturing process here is fundamental, i have created 3 different painted textures, base skin color, Base Skin Details and Skin Details. All of those textures have to be composed in any other tool to create a unique map to be used in the render.
Compositing in this case, i was able to do it in PhotoShop, creating some render passes to generate a balance in color, saturation, and exposure in the right direction.
You can follow the whole process in my YouTube channel, and herein the website you can find all the links to the 9 Sessions.
Link Live Stream: http://thesculptingtrainingzone.com/live/

Link YouTube Channel

Final Render