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Have you ever use Hard Ops? there is a lot of information about in in the developer web-page, and some particular workflow, and this is something i’ll be explaining here today. Usually, you need to know the tool first, how to start creating, using the tool like baby steps, sometimes in slow motion but, the workflow works, my point is, you need to know your tools, and, this is not different.

There is so much going on in HardOps that sometimes you can get lost, the tool can be complicated if you don’t know the little tricks, like i say before, go to the developer page, there is a lo there.

But, this is not what i’ll be talking today. I have been working on this Sci-Fi weapon for a few days, and i have been using HardOps like a 70% of the whole process. The other percent is me looking for ideas to get the better shapes in the model. To use HardOps you need to know how to create your own shapes to start cutting, and that’s something you need to have in you, your personal workflow.

In my own words, Cutting Shapes, you can make your own kit to create this shapes, this is how you speed up your process more and more while your moving forward.

I have done a Kitbashing set of Cutting Shapes that i’ll be sharing with you, for FREE!, you can use it in your own projects as you wish. This is the set i’ll be using to create the small details in the Sci-Fi Weapon.

Get it FREE!

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Alright, this is all for today, tomorrow, more about the process! stay connected πŸ™‚