Hi there, here is the Patreon reward! after a few days, i have to called done! 🙂

Some of the process that i’ll be describing here, involves Sculpting and  Retopology done in Blender, Baking, Texturing and render in Substance Painter.

When starting a new project, there is a a few ideas in my head, thinking on shapes, design, textures, decals, details, even render. Those thoughts are in mind, running around trying to make sense for me, to make me get inspired to see the process, to get the experience.

The idea with this helmet is one, exercise Hard Surface Modeling and second, a reward for Patreon. I believe that the experience is worth it.

In this article, i’ll be showing you some images of the process till the end, from Sculpting and decision making base on shapes, objects etc. Textures can be a little intense if you don’t have a color base selected that can work for your piece, and in this case a made a lot of variations to make it work.

Sculpting process

From this point, already have a pretty solid idea on what i want, sculpting process can be  really rewarding while looking for new and interesting shapes, in this case, i needed some basic behavior for the general overview in the helmet.

I was building the idea piece by piece, one shape after the other, getting used to the fact that, the retopology can make some of this shapes go away but that’s something that’s going to happen later 🙂 .

You can see that the model is evolving, like a live organism that your creating, going through the process and making it happen.

In this last piece, you can see some drawing on top of the model, i was looking for some more ideas on how to continue with the process i have done already so much that i’m actually happy with, but, there is always the interesting and small idea of details.

Retopology Process

Retopology is always “Fun” if you like the process of course, but seriously, can be really fun to find more and more shapes along the way, this is the process where you get to make it more real, more authentic, and more close to be part of something else, like a game 🙂 .

Retopology in Hard Surface can be a little intense sometimes, see the process, select a piece, and keep following the loops, in this case, i have to separate pieces, make each one of them unique.

Here, i’m done with the retopology process, which means, moving forward to connect all those pieces, make it work with each other.

As you can see here, a lot has changed from the original design, some new pieces that i believe work better after retopology.


This where the magic starts, after the baking process, the texturing process starts to make some major changes ion the model, make it more believable, more alive.

Assigning different materials to each piece can take some time, i have created two different types of metal for this project, in the image above, you can see one of those materials.

After some time selecting and modifying the materials, i got a good metal representation that i can use for render.

This are the two materials used for the main metals.

And this is the result after making a basic connection in Blender testing the textures.


And this is all about the process!

Start Supporting me today and you can get the model including the textures on Patreon.

Regards, Alberto Cordero.