Sketching Creatures in Blender – Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial “Sketching Creatures in Blender” Full process on how to create this Concept from scratch. So much to see here, the whole process is going to show you how to manage a workflow easy to use in your own characters.

About the process:

– We’re starting from modeling the Basemesh with Skin modifier, creating a better overall model before sculpting.
– After the whole modeling process, we’re going to be sketching those crazy shapes in Dynamic Topology.
– Retopology process is next, more loops, more accurate topology o use later in a better model for texturing or animation.
– Sculpting details in Multiressolution is my favorite part of the whole process, i’m going to show you how to start finding those little shapes that makes the model looks fantastic.
– You’re going to see the whole process working with Alphas to create a skin design, more and more details.
– Baking Process, texturing, Nodes, materials, render, etc, and more tips to make this process easier.

The entire course includes more than 5 hours of video working on this project, 22 videos in high quality, textures, references, and the Blender file for my result in the project.


If you need any feedback related to the course, you can always contact me by email at

If you’re willing to get into character creation, this is your start, so, go and grab this course and let’s make something awesome!
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Regards, Alberto.