Hi there you all!! here is the Chapter 17, last night Live Stream on YouTube and Twitch working on a new sculpture,a possible full body dragon.

What you gonna see in this Session?

I’ll be working on the blocking out process to create shapes for the basic shape for this particular model. A lot of this process involve working with Skin modifier and other tools like, Mirror and Subdivision Surface.

From one stage to the other, i’ll be sculpting a very rough base sculpture for the Upper stage of the character, in this case, the head and neck using Dynamic Topology to get those nice shapes in the process.

About the process

The process is pretty simple, the Skin modifier is very intitive to create and generate new mesh just by using a single vertex. The idea here is to extrude those vertex and create a silhouette for the overall shape in the blocking stage. you can always move, scale and rotate those vertices to create the desired shapes you need in this process.

After this is done, i’ll be sculpting on pure topology, just by using the raw topology i have generated after using Skin Modifier and Subdivision surface, to create some more nice shapes for the general shape of the character.

After i have done with this process, i’ll be working with dynamic topology to have more mesh to my disposal and sketch out some more nice curves-shapes in the model.

The Video

How to support me?

There is a few ways you can support what i do, of course, if you like what i do, and if you don’t too, is a good contribution to help other to start working on 3D. You can find my Patreon page HERE

My Gumroad is also available with some interesting FREE packages and some paid Smart Materials, Tutorials, and assets.

Always a pleasure sharing content with all of you, hope see you in the next one!!

Regards, Alberto.