Hi there, welcome to another DoodleTuesday, one quick thing, Thank you all of you guys that where with me in the live stream, you guys are the best!!!

About this LiveStream

DoodleTuesday always brings something new to sculpt, a new beginning, something to show for a few hours while sculpting, modeling etc. There is always something to show, there is always good people that come and join me every Tuesday for a good and fun time while creating something interesting.

This time, i have started everything from scratch, using a base “Head Planes” from ZBrush starter models, totally available for you to download, i have inserted a link in the video description to get this base.

For me Sculpting is always fun, there is always some new shapes to find, some new faces to discover, a different mouth, a different nose, or maybe no nose at all, like this one today.

About the process

The base that i’ll be using has already some nice subdivision level that i use to my advantage, instead of just jump straight to Dynamic topology, i like to use this base topology, just to find some nice shapes, good proportions etc. A good start without Dynamic Topology subdivisions everywhere is what i like in this start, no complications, just something simple and fast.

After a while, and when i think that i’m ready for Dynamic Topology, well, is time to bring those interesting subdivisions to play. Once i’m done with the sketching process, if i think i have enough to start retopo, well, we’re starting retopology. And this time, that’s the last process, it’s been 3 hours so, i think that’s a good start. Modeling, Sculpting, and retopology, all in one.

The Video

How to support me?

There is a few ways you can support what i do, of course, if you like what i do, and if you don’t too, is a good contribution to help other to start working on 3D. You can find my Patreon page HERE

My Gumroad is also available with some interesting FREE packages and some paid Smart Materials, Tutorials, and assets.

Always a pleasure sharing content with all of you, hope see you in the next one!!

Regards, Alberto.