Alright, DoodleTuesday Chapter 16 is already here, and i did get to save this one, i “save” because YouTube have lost this stream in particular, almost 4 hours streaming, talking to great people and sharing good content, tips etc. I was so furious about his to be honest, but, after a while i was like, you know what, we can make another as good as this one. And yesterday i was thinking that i do stream in Twitch and in youtube at the same time, so, i have a copy of the stream over there, it was a shocker for me when i notice this after a week!!!! Anyways, here it is, the Chapter 16!! Enjoy!

What is it in this Stream?

A lot of sculpting for sure, this time, i’ll be creating a full retopology on this guy and finishing up the whole detailing process for skin details. I’ll be using some alphas to generate some interesting skin variation to give him a little bit more of non-human feeling.

More and more about going through the whole process from scratch to building something interesting at the end with those amazing skin details (my favorite part “by the way”). That’s what you gonna be seen in this stream, i know is a long video, but, you can watch it in any time, is out there now for you to watch.

The Video!

How to support me?

There is a few ways you can support what i do, of course, if you like what i do, and if you don’t too, is a good contribution to help other to start working on 3D. You can find my Patreon page HERE

My Gumroad is also available with some interesting FREE packages and some paid Smart Materials, Tutorials, and assets.

Always a pleasure sharing content with all of you, hope see you in the next one!!

Regards, Alberto.